The ServoXciter EF is a precision servo driver and tester which makes setting up your model's linkages and throws extremely simple and also gives you unprecedented tools for troubleshooting servos and receivers.

  • Manual drive with microprocessor precision.
  • One-touch servo centering.
  • Servo current meter.
  • Automatic sweep with 32 speeds.
  • Servo deadband check.
  • Custom servo movement record and playback.
  • Receiver pulse check.
  • Receiver glitch detection.
  • Receiver battery voltage display.
  • High Frame Rate mode (with narrow pulse ability).
  • FASST 2.4 ghz receiver ready.
  • DC power jack - for 8 to 12 volt wall transformer (with 0.70m ID, 2.35mm OD plug - positive center).
The ServoXciter EF is the favorite tool for all levels of modelers - from the beginner hobbyist to the professional UAV technician!

Learn more about this super tool.

ServoXciters have been reviewed in major R/C publications. View some of the excerpts here.

The ServoXciter Jr. is the small, bare-bones brother to the ServoXciter EF. The ServoXciter Jr. fills the gap between the modeller that wants all the features of the EF and the modeller that just wants a precision servo driver and tester.

  • Manual drive with microprocessor precision.
  • Easy servo centering.
  • Automatic sweep with 10 speeds.
  • Center and end-point memory.
  • Overdrive range.
You can't afford NOT to own the ServoXciter Jr.

Learn more about this great junior tool.

Foam and Stick Technology

NEW! Fokker D VII

Das Chubby Fokker

  • Motor ---
  • 370 to 400 "Slo Fly" Motor
  • Battery ---
  • 1000 to 1300 LiPo 3 cell battery (11.1V)
  • Prop ---
  • Eight or Nine Inch Prop, 3 to 5 Pitch
  • 9x3.8 or 9x4.5 work well
  • Controls ---
  • Elevator-Rudder (Two Servos)
  • Elevon-Rudder (Three Servos)
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